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By Michelle Keegan, University of Northern Iowa

Do you like to explore the unknown? You can become part of a team of astronauts who will travel in space to find information about specific constellations and stars, find constellation maps, and other research information regarding specific constellations. Your team will be completing a brochure for the NASA Constellation Board using the information you have learned.

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In 2113 space travel is becoming more and more common. You have heard there is a possibility that you may become part of a team of astronauts who can do a bit of exploring and promoting of space travel! You are so excited! What are those stars really made of? Why do they look like they are twinkling? Well, it seems that you will get the chance to find out!
In this webquest, you will be finding out information about stars and constellations in the night sky. You will also be choosing a constellation to promote visitation of by fellow space travelers.

You are so excited! You work for NASA and they have just chosen you to help with the Constellation Tour Project, a project to promote space travel to specific stars or constellations. Space travel has just become the "latest and greatest", but you are required to promote visitors.
Your team will consist of three others:
*  Star/Constellation Navigator
*  Star/Constellation Coordinator
*  Star/Constellation Director of Advertising
Your team is asked to travel to the constellations and find out some information about the stars that make up the constellations. Your job is to choose one constellation with your team that you believe would be the best constellation for visitors to approach first and why you believe so.

Process Description
1. Your team will be made up of three individuals
whom will be chosen by the NASA Constellation Tour Project Director herself.
2. Each team of three will then need to assign the following job titles: Star/Constellation Navigator, Star Constellation Coordinator, and Star/Constellation Director of Advertising.
3. Each of your jobs will consist of:
  * Star/Constellation Navigator - will be in charge of finding out what stars are made up of and if the stars/constellations destinations are safe enough for travel.
  * Star/Constellation Coordinator - will be needing to find out specifics about the constellation of choice.
  * Star/Constellation Director of Advertising - will be planning closely with the Star/Constellation Coordinator amd Star/Constellation Navigator to create the best and most intriguing information about the specific constellation that would be usable in the brochure.
4. You will need to answer the following questions and discuss the steps that follow:
     * What makes up constellations? What are the
     stars made of? Why could it be safe  
     for passengers to travel to visit these stars?
     * Where are the constellations located? Find star
     maps that you can use for your constellation of
     choice. Make your constellation worthy of
     * After finding your constellation of choice, decide
     why your constellation is being promoted?  Create 
     a brochure advertising all of its positive
     characteristics or incorporate into your brochure
     why people would want to visit your contellation.
5. Upon arrival back to earth, your team members will discuss their findings with each other and make a final decision on how they will develop their brochure.
6. You will start working on your brochure to hand in to NASA immediately.
7. Your brochure should be tri-fold and catch the public's eye. Your brochure should include specific facts about your constellation chosen, such as how it was named, its Greek name (if available), myth or story that has been passed down to describe its existence, its actual appearance in the night sky, what it represents and where it is located (sky map).

Please use the following links to help you with your search. Remember you will need to find a constellation that you would like to promote. Don't forget to include chracteristics of the constellation that will make your brochure interesting!,19469,73182,00.html

Wow! The Board from NASA's Directors of Travel loved your brochure! They couldn't decide on just one constellation to promote so they will publish all of the entries. You included so much information on your brochures and made all of the entries superior ones. Hopefully you learned some interesting facts about your constellation. Congratulations! You worked together well as a team.
NASA will wait to hear from you!


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My Constellation Webquest has been adapted from the following webquests:
"Constellation Construction" by Stephanie Kolk
and "Mission to the Moon" by Carol Glover
Both webquests were found on

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